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SNK Social Fame helps companies to grow with marketing strategic and advertising plans. We are not just a marketing company. With 35+ services, we offer global services and solutions.We believe in result oriented and transparency services which make us professional and trusted company.

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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

The use of services provided by SNK Social Fame establishes agreement to these terms. By registering or using our services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following terms of Service and SNK Social Fame will not be held liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below terms of service.

1. General

By placing an order with SNK Social Fame , you automatically accept all the below listed terms of service weather you read them or not.


We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice. You are expected to read all terms of service before placing any order to insure you are up to date with any changes or any future changes.

You will only use the SNK Social Fame website in a manner which follows all agreements made with Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Other social media site on their individual Terms of Service page.

SNK Social Fame rates are subject to change at any time without notice. The payment/refund policy stays in effect in the case of rate changes.


SNK Social Fame does not guarantee a delivery time for any services. We offer our best estimation for when the order will be delivered. This is only an estimation and SNK Social Fame will not refund orders that are processing if you feel they are taking too long.


SNK Social Fame tries hard to deliver exactly what is expected from us. In this case, we reserve the right to change a service type if we deem it necessary to complete an order.



SNK Social Fame will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.


SNK Social Fame is in no way liable for any account suspension or picture deletion done by Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Other Social Medias.


2. Service

SNK Social Fame will only be used to promote your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or Social account and help boost your "Appearance" only.


We DO NOT guarantee your new followers, likes, views, subscriber will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the services you pay for.


We DO NOT use any panel who offer fake / bots / spam and system generated followers, likes, views and subscriber.


Follow the Standard Terms of Service & Rules : 

After placing the order, Do not change profile URL or User Name. In that case services won't deliver and refill won't possible. Also refund not applicable in that situation.

At the same time do not buy another services from other site/person when you already paid us for same services for the same account. Once finish order, you can place another order on same account for same services from anywhere.

Your profile or account should be public until your order not complete. 

For refill purpose, also account should be public and active with at least 3 post. 

If your old followers, likes, views, subscriber drop, we will notify you before / after order starting. In that case refund and refill wont applicable.

If you un-follow deliver followers / subscriber / likes so in that case Instagram / Facebook / YouTube disable and suspend account from regular features.

If you get 0 followers and following account, Cant do refund and replace. There is no logic to get dp account, some followers account and public account; because whether you buy direct from Instagram and any other companies, they wont promise for such logic. 

Once order id deliver, refund can not possible, and you are agree with our terms and conditions whether you read or not. 

If you buy followers / subscriber / page likes / views and after finish the refill days if those disappear due to any reason, we are not responsible for any refill / refund.

Some time due to updates from social media companies, services work little bit slow but if its not complete till the mentioned days on order id, refund will be started.

Sometimes the service time increases due to sudden updates, in such a situation we will try to complete the order. 

After the details of the order send, the order automatically starts, in such a situation you will not be given a refund.

The maximum drop ratio is only 15-25%, but due to occasional updates, this number also increases and in such a situation, if your refill pack is completed then you will not be given extra refill.

The time limit for refill ranges from 5 days to 25 days, sometimes refills go away quickly and sometimes a refill go slow due to an update.

In social media, often the number of followers, likes, views, subscribers start appearing differently when an update is started. In such a case, either use a VPN browser and delete the cache cookies of your system.

If you have paid for a package and after a few days that order is canceled for whatever reason, if you want you can take a refund and place the order again.

Nowadays, Instagram - Facebook - YouTube does not have the right number of followers and likes, sometimes, in such a situation, wait for the update to end.

If your order has not started for 10 days after placing your order, then you will also be given a bonus refill.

If you are buying a package from us for the first time, then you have to accept the order details after sending, You do not need to confess for the second time, your order will start in the same way.


Thanks for reading. This is standard guidelines for all social media services.

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